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Providing Personalized Workplace & Campus Investigations Throughout California.

McFadden Investigations Law Corporation has a trusted and respected reputation for conducting highly skilled and efficient workplace investigations and trainings at a reasonable cost.

Our commitment to assisting our clients promote safe, healthy and equitable work environments is at the heart of what we do. We provide a personalized experience by evaluating the unique circumstances of the workplace concern. We will develop and execute a plan of action so your workplace can get back to work.

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McFadden Investigations Law Corporation is a woman-owned firm offering personalized, innovative, and thoughtful workplace investigations and training services. We understand what clients need most—effective expertise, commitment to a timely, thorough, impartial process, and the skills to provide valued results.

Our dedication to this mission is paramount. We provide client-centric services to help manage workplace issues with integrity, transparency, empathy, and adaptability. Let us help be part of the resolution.

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