McFadden Investigations Law Corporation’s biggest asset is the quality of its services. We conduct neutral workplace investigations that meet our client’s specific needs. We also offer training services and personalized consultations that include practical tools to better support employees and students. We believe when workplace issues are effectively addressed and managed, everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. Let us help be part of the resolution.

Workplace Investigations

Providing Employers with Reliable Employment Resolutions

Employers depend on effective workplace investigations to appropriately respond to and manage complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other alleged workplace issues or misconduct. A prompt and thorough investigation can mean the difference between a harmonious work environment and a turbulent one.

McFadden Investigations Law Corporation relies on established investigative practices and protocols to produce timely, thorough, and impartial investigations for public and private entities. At the onset, we collaborate with the client to understand the organization’s culture, policies, and procedures and to identify the scope of the investigation. Independently, we prepare a strategic investigation plan and conduct the neutral fact-finding process. We have substantive expertise in gathering and evaluating relevant evidence, interviewing appropriate witnesses, and establishing rapport with parties and witnesses, all while ensuring the client remains apprised of the investigation’s progress. We methodically analyze the pertinent facts to reach sound, well-reasoned conclusions. At the end of the process, we provide clients with investigative reports that are thorough, reliable, and defensible.

We are equipped to handle all matter of investigations, including remote investigations, single or multiple contributor matters, complex, sensitive matters involving high-level executives, and investigations for employers both small and large. We have experience developing and conducting thoughtful climate assessments to help understand the overall health of an organization.

We understand each investigation is unique. With this in mind, we offer clients a variety of investigation options to fit their particular set of circumstances. Given client needs and obligations, investigation results can be issued as a full, comprehensive report, an executive summary, oral finding, or a combination thereof.

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Training & Consultation

Informing, Educating, and Providing Individualized Advice

McFadden Investigations Law Corporation is committed to providing our community with the tools they need for success in the workplace. We understand the needs of our clients when it comes to informing and educating employees. We offer workplace investigation training services to assist your organization better address its internal needs and legal obligations. Our training services use approachable and interactive lessons that make our courses more engaging and lead to better transfer on the job.

To further support our clients, we have designed an array of customizable consultation services including practical, workable tools for employers to effectively guide them through the complaint and investigation process.

McFadden Investigations Training