Why Conduct a Workplace Investigation?

Conducting a timely, thorough, and impartial workplace investigation into complaints can make all the difference in the workplace. Employees are more likely to be engaged when they have a high level of trust that their employer treats them fairly. Responding to complaints in an objective manner by conducting an investigation to gather facts, without jumping to conclusions, is one way to earn that trust. There are several other benefits to conducting impartial workplace investigations, including:

  • Resolution: It could resolve workplace issues before they escalate.
  • Set Expectations. It sends a message that the organization expects employees to comply with policies and procedures governing employee conduct and that complaints of misconduct will be taken seriously.
  • Equity. It can result in the parties feeling they were treated fairly and instills confidence in the process.
  • Mitigation. It can assist in defending the organization if litigation is filed.

Hiring an experienced external investigator to conduct the investigation provides neutrality to the process as the investigator does not report to, or work relationships with any of the involved parties or witnesses. This helps prevent the appearance of bias in the investigation and contribute to the parties feeling they were treated fairly.

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